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NIGHTWATCH® - Mobile Surveillance for Your Horse  •  2:01

The World is going mobile...and so is your horse's halter. Enabled with both cellular and WiFi technology, the NIGHTWATCH® ( smart halter™ lets you remotely monitor your horse and stay connected at all times no matter where they are.

NIGHTWATCH® - Making Early Colic Intervention Possible  •  1:00

Colic is the leading natural cause of death in horses, and the AAEP estimates that more than 900,000 horses in the US will experience an episode of colic this year. However, if caught early 85-90% of these cases can be treated medically and without the need for invasive surgery.

NIGHTWATCH® Smart Halter •  0:31

Each NIGHTWATCH® ( smart halter™ has technology embedded within the padded crown to monitor your horse's vital signs (HR, RR) and behaviors (activity, motion, posture), alerting you at the first signs of distress (eg, colic) on your mobile device.


NIGHTWATCH® ( is the World's first smart halter™ that monitors real-time data on a horse's vital signs & behaviors, alerting a caretaker on their mobile device at the early signs of distress, such as colic. This innovative device is in late-stage development and will be offered in early 2017 by Protequus® (

NIGHTWATCH® - Saddle Horse Report TV  •  4:22

Protequus® ( Founder & CEO, Jeffrey R. Schab, discusses the genesis of NIGHTWATCH® and the future of this life-saving device. NIGHTWATCH® is in late-stage development and will be available in early 2017.

NIGHTWATCH® - The Unmet Need  •  3:10

More than 3.5 million horses in the United States are used for performance, which means they are at increased risk for developing colic, getting cast, or experiencing other forms of distress. Unfortunately, signs of distress can be elusive and transient, and often occur overnight or at remote locations when and where caretakers are not present resulting in delayed intervention.