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"Old World" Tradition Meets "New World" Technology

We've talked quite a bit about our choice to use leather instead of nylon for our breakaway halters and safety collars. But we're not just using any leather. Our smart halter™ and collar feature multiple breakaway points with a padded crown and noseband in premium Havana-brown leather specially-designed by Freedman's


"Freedman's began their leather-making in 1802, and it continues today, with a lineage of master craftsmen who all shared the same vision, each in a different time, and with the same results: quality craftsmanship with the finest materials. The products have changed over time, but the essence remains the same. Steeped in the traditions of equestrian sport, Freedman's harness, saddles, bridles, bags, and leather goods all echo a commitment to excellence that dates back six generations."

According to Horse Network, along the 200 years that Freedman's has been in business, "their tack has adorned such celebrity horses as Roy Rogers’s 'Trigger,' and one of Martha Stewart’s prize Friesians." Today, sixth generation harness maker, David, carries on the Freedman family tradition and oversees their quality craftsmanship workshop in Toronto. 

"Steeped in tradition," it's easy to see why we chose to partner with Freedman's to design our NIGHTWATCH® products. Quality leather provides the perfect place to non-invasively embed our technology within the padded crown of the smart halter™ and collar, making NIGHTWATCH® safe and comfortable for long-term use on horses in a variety of conditions. 

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