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NIGHTWATCH®: Your Real-Time Horse Health Tracker

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Protequus® Expands IP Portfolio for NIGHTWATCH®

United States Patent and Trademark Office  •  April 25, 2017
Mobile Animal Surveillance and Distress Monitoring

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Horse Sense

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The Smart Halter That Might Just Save Your Horse's Life

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Midlife Crisis? Maybe a Horse Will Help

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New Equestrian Tech

Embedded Computer Design  •  May 6, 2016
High-Tech Halter Tracks Horse Health 24/7

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Austin Entrepreneur Hopes His Device Can be an Equine Lifesaver

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Could the World's First Smart Halter™ Help Save Your Horse's Life?

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Horse Technology: The NIGHTWATCH® Smart Halter™

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The NIGHTWATCH® Halter Might Just Save Your Horses' Life